Offerings Inside The Hive

If you have not already figured it out, my coaching and consulting services are designed to help women and families experience a sustainable (Family Centric) perinatal outcome.

This comes with how the couple identifies each others roles including the option of where you will give birth and how.

Then we cannot forget, planning for the postpartum period. These services will help you navigate the process of building your HIVE in a SWEET and intentional way.

Sustainable Familyhood Consultations – $90 per hour supports you and your partner in a private session to discuss sustainable lifestyle options, including but not limited to: marriage, homebirth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, potty training, homeschool and making your home life as sustainable as possible in a virtual or in person environment.

Postpartum Consulting & Virtual Support – $72 per hour, supports you through a modern online platform after giving birth at home or in the hospital. Also offering partner support and suggestions for holistic pain management, as well as discussing your options that your provider may bring up and ways to execute your rights and options in an informed manner, thus encouraging you to own your postpartum experience with AUTHENTIC power.

Beehive Birth Postpartum Planning – $27 per hour supports you with creating a path of least resistance when it come to your postpartum experience. Together we will create a strategy that is easy to manage, with a visual PDF copy of a detailed postpartum plan sent directly to your email.

Beehive Birth Holistic Family Planning – $25+ per session supports you with creating a path of least resistance when it comes to family planning options. Together we will review what your know about your cycle and adopt holistic strategy that is easy to manage. With our physical Cyclebead technology, digital app, and a detailed plan sent directly to your mailbox or distributed in person, you can plan and prevent pregnancy in a holistic way.

To schedule any of the following consulting services, please contact me via email at me or BOOK ONLINE HERE

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